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Assistant Principal - 4th Grade


Marcus Brown

I am honored to be into the Ponchatoula Community! The past 11 years in education have
ingrained in me the precious time we have with our children at this stage of their lives. My wife
and I currently see and feel this with our two sons.. I developed as an educator with this in mind
and it made every day deeply purposeful and personal.
To prepare for the Assistant Principal role, my journey began with a Bachelor from McNeese
State University. I received my Master's Education in Administration and Supervision and my
Specialist Degree in Instruction and Curriculum. I have spent the last three years in

In my practice as an educator, I have lived by core values--Respect, Courage, Curiosity--into my
classrooms. I have had a wide range of teaching experiences including physical education
Pre-K-12th grade, Social studies 7th-12th and Special Education 2nd-12th. I have fostered
respect for each other’s strengths and challenges, celebrated courage to take risks, and regularly
adjusted the environment and my practice to pique student curiosity. In addition, I embraced
many teacher leadership roles throughout my career

I look forward to immersing myself deeper into the Ponchatoula community. My enthusiasm for
elementary education will be seen in the halls and classrooms, at recess playing with the
students, performances, celebrations, and events across the school year. I have been fortunate to
have had school leaders that valued and supported the good work being delivered every day in
classrooms. I enjoy the challenges of education, working with teachers, parents, and students.

Being a part of the Ponchatoula community is an honor. My appreciation for the priceless time
we have with our children at this stage of their life has grown throughout the past 11 years of
teaching. With our two sons, my wife and I can currently see and feel this. With this in mind, I
became a teacher, and it gave each day a profoundly meaningful and individual purpose.
My journey began with a Bachelor's degree from McNeese State University in order to get ready
for the Assistant Principal position. I earned both my specialist degree in instruction and
curriculum and my master's degree in administration and supervision. The last three years have
been spent working in administrations.

I have incorporated the basic principles of respect, courage, and compassion into my classroom
practice as an educator. I have experience teaching a variety of subjects, including social studies
(7th–12th grade), physical education (2nd–12th grade), and special education (2nd–12th grade).
In order to excite students' curiosity, I have regularly altered the atmosphere and my practice,
promoted respect for each other's talents and challenges. In addition, I have taken on numerous teacher leadership responsibilities over the course of my career, and I am eager to get more
involved in the Ponchatoula community. Throughout the school year, you can see my passion for
primary education in the hallways and classrooms, interacting with the kids at recess, concerts,
and other activities. I was lucky to have school administrators that respected and encouraged the
excellent job being done daily in classrooms. Working with teachers, parents, and students is a
challenge I appreciate.


Notable Accomplishments and Achievements

Ed.S Curriculum and Instruction
M.A Administration and Supervision

Contact Information

Phone: (985) 386-6433